About CruzIn Lounge

CruzIn Lounge is a CruzControl Radius (CCR) Social Network Platform for businesses and professionals to share information, marketing ideas, exchange business ideas and more with each other with blogging, forums and direct messaging and many other features.

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CruzControl Radius is a Digital Marketing agency with over 20 years’ experience that has assembled one of the best digital marketing teams anywhere, working from our offices in USA, Canada and India. Our team has strong expertise helping our clients develop cost-effective marketing strategies that produce maximum results.

CruzIn Lounge is the heart of an ecosystem with the mission to promote local small and medium sized businesses. Contrary to common belief small businesses are the engines of economies and employment. Local businesses provide their customers better shopping experiences, buying local strengthens local communities and it’s better for the environment.

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While the purpose of CruzIn Lounge is to promote local businesses, CruzIn Lounge is a Paid Advertising Free Zone, businesses are encouraged to promote their services and/or their products, but there are no advertisers calling the shots as to what can and should be discussed. CCR does not collect any data to sell or share with anyone. There are no algorithms that track you or decide what you should see for the sake of audience manipulation. While we may not be big, we want to be the place of free and independent thinking.


One of the goals for CruzIn Lounge is to provide a user friendly environment principally concerned with business issues where users can enjoy the freedom of speaking freely to exchange ideas and solicit opinions and help from peers. A safe zone where disrespectful users will be kicked out and kept out, certain topics such as politics not related to business and religion are strongly discouraged.


The principal mission of CCR’s ecosystem is to support local businesses not only with business information but also by facilitating the promotion of their ecommerce websites to local consumers.  CruzIn Lounge is the central core of a website ecosystem comprised of almost 50 websites that give you access to other local SEO tools. All from the single user registration on CruzInLounge.com you’ll have access to various promotion tools to help your business stand out:

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