Carlos Cruz

Founder and CEO, CruzControl Radius

Entrepreneur, IT leader, CruzControl Radius Inc. Managing Director, EzWorks Investor, Venture Capital Investor in USA & Canada.

Learned to program on a TI-99 on my own, from there I went on to received my computer science degree when code was still entered on punched card. Because I preferred dealing with people more than punched cards and liked wearing nice ties, upon graduating in 1989 I joined Tandy Corporation handling government accounts.

In 1996 I joined the investment banking firm Whalen Beliveau & Associates. In 1998 I was the founding member and managing director of Next Big Thing Capital Inc. a technology startup and SMB funding company. In 2002 N.B.T. Capital was sold to a media company and I joined BNP Paribas investment Bank.

In 2004 I founded CruzControl Radius Inc. a digital marketing agency based on my extensive marketing expertise and knowledge. I started my marketing career in the sales departments of fortune 500 companies. I’ve authored sales and marketing courses for the financial industry and used these marketing materials to conduct sales seminars. I’ve managed many types of PR and marketing campaigns; including creating multi-media marketing collaterals way before YouTube was born.

CruzControl Radius has assembled one of the best digital marketing teams anywhere, working from our offices in USA, Canada and India. Our team has strong expertise helping our clients develop cost-effective marketing strategies that produce maximum results.


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