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AlltownMart is a website service of CruzControl Radius ( aimed at spotlighting eCommerce sites of local businesses by promoting their products and services through partnerships with content creators (affiliates, publishers). Vendors (merchants, advertisers) list key their products on our Market Place, approved content creators promote the items available on our market place for sale and when a sale is made they get a commission.

How Does Affialite Marketing Work?

Promote products and services available from AllTownMall by adding banners and links to your content (i.e. blog) and by posting on social media and every time one of your links generates a sale you get a commission.  

24/7 Support

Supporting our local affiliates and our vendor partners is our number 1 priority. We provide our partners with their own dashboard to track sales and bookings made through our site.

How It Works

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Promote the products and services on AllTownMart marketplace with your audience with personalized linking tools and earn a money every time a purchase is made from your content.

Get Paid

Earn at least 10% in Partner commission when your referrals buy items or services from AllTownMart

More Ways To Earn Money

NAP Citations submissions for local SEO

Promote NAP (Name Address and Phone) Citations subscriptions to several of CCR’s directory websites

Self Post Articles

Publish content (i.e. blog post) on our websites and earn 75% of the advertising revenue generated by your posts.

Powerful User Friendly Interface

The Vendor’s dashboard will give you a single point overview of your store on, it gives you the ability to manage your store from a easy to use full features dashboard and get in-depth status reports.

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